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Meet the Best Mortgage Software Provider: Daily AI

Mortgage lending is a competitive marketplace. Homebuyers have a lot of options to choose from — and in most instances, they'll opt for the lender that can best anticipate their needs and deliver outstanding customer care.

Most homebuyers don't see all the work happening behind the scenes to facilitate their loan. But as you know, lenders are working around the clock to make sure they're closing deals, managing transactions effectively, and positioning themselves for repeat business. 

And while the most successful originators exhibit an enviable work ethic, they also have a secret to their success. 

Top-performing loan officers need the most effective and sophisticated tools working for them. Without intelligent software and automation, it's not possible to do what they do. 

Mortgage software is critical to growing and sustaining a successful book of business. And while there are many options out there, your best bet is to work with a tool that helps you work smarter — not harder — to close more deals. 

That's where Daily AI comes in. 

Daily AI provides an all-in-one solution to grow your business. Our team is passionate about making your bottom line our bottom line. That's why our platform is purpose-built for the exact processes, workflows, and collaborations that mortgage lenders engage in every day. 

From every step of the customer journey — lead, customer, and post-close — Daily AI helps you increase your ROI

Daily AI is so Much More Than a Mortgage CRM

The CRM market is crowded. While lenders have many options to consider, Daily AI provides functionality that goes beyond what a traditional CRM can offer. 

That's because the Daily AI platform automates lead conversion, in-process transaction management, and post-lead workflows.

Daily AI streamlines the tasks executed by lenders and their teams every day. There's no better mortgage CRM software on the market — because Daily AI is so much more than a mortgage CRM. 

Lead Conversion for Loan Originators

Gone are the days of reaching out to each individual lead that passes through your business.

Daily AI's drip campaign automation handles the majority of your follow-ups so you can close deals faster (and with less effort). 

You can also rest assured that a lead will never slip through the cracks again. Daily AI provides world-class speed-to-lead capabilities that will get you in front of potential borrowers first.

Our contact methods provide the highest rates of lead conversion, including: 

  • Video texting
  • Ringless voicemails
  • SMS

For larger companies, leaders can set up drip campaigns for their team of originators. This helps enterprises to maintain quality control and consistency of brand.

After implementing Daily AI, our customers have seen lead conversion rates jump as high as 75%. 

In-Process Transaction Automation 

In addition to traditional CRM capabilities, Daily AI provides intelligent automation to support in-process transactions. 

If approved by your organization, Daily AI can integrate with several major LOS providers. 

Our milestones scale interactions between you and your customers while they apply for their loans. Once Daily AI is plugged into your LOS, our software stays on top of loan progress and automatically relays relevant updates to borrowers. 

This helps you keep your clients well-informed from start-to-finish and reduces the administrative burden on your team. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

In addition to supporting the borrower journey, Daily AI can send communications to anyone associated with a transaction, including:

  • Title, buying, or selling agents
  • Buying coordinators
  • Attorneys 
  • Builders
  • And more

This helps maintain a precise level of coordination throughout the transaction process, helping to speed it up and provide an exceptional customer experience. 

For larger teams, you can configure communications to go out from any team member, including loan officer assistants, loan processors, or administrative assistants.

In-process automation is a lifesaver for Daily AI clients. It helps ambitious loan officers step out of loan origination's day-to-day operations and maintain focus on new customer acquisition. 

Post-close Nurture and Mortgage Database Marketing

Once a transaction closes, the client relationship doesn't end there. Staying in touch with customers after close is a must for loan officers who are trying to increase their loan volumes.  

Daily AI's nurture campaigns help lenders stay in front of customers when it matters most. You can use Daily AI to market to your database in any way you choose: birthdays, home anniversaries, custom holidays, and more. 

The advantages of post-close nurture campaigns include: 

  • Increased repeat business
  • More refinances with you — not your competitors
  • Referral growth from past borrowers and industry partners

Leveraging Daily AI's post-close nurture capabilities will help you increase your ROI without much additional effort. 

Once you design your nurture campaigns, you can "set it and forget it" to stay engaged with your post-close customers. This will remind them that you're ready to help as soon as they (or their network) need a loan officer for future services. 

Get to Know Daily AI

Daily AI represents a new generation of lender-focused technology. 

We develop innovative products by listening closely to what loan officers have to say — from their pain points to their highest hopes from their tech partnerships.

As a result, Daily AI delivers unmatched capabilities that are aligned with everything lenders need — and nothing they don't.

Daily AI's all-in-one solution will help you grow your business. To learn more, you can schedule a 1:1 meeting with our team

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